Nose Too Far Apart from Upper Lip After Rhinoplasty? (Photos)

I was had a nose job 3 days ago, I used to have a droopy nose and a big nose, the surgeon said he would elevate the tip of my nose a bit. I feel like the tip of my nose is way too far from my upper lip right now, I feel so stressed, and I have the feeling he raised my nostrils up. Is it normal that i have this feeling and does it look fine to you? First pic is on day 1, second pic day 2, third pic day 3.

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

Stop looking in the mirror now. You are stressing over nothing right now. Be patient. This is all normal right now.

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Post rhinoplasty question

Don't worry.  At day 3 post op, it all looks pretty scary for most patients as for you. You have a normal day 3 appearance.  The tip will settle once the swelling reduces. Don't forget it needed to be lifted a little anyway, and with swelling looks even higher. 

You'll get a good result I'm sure, so just allow youreslf to recover in a calm way.  It looks fine.

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