Can my Nose Be Restored to the Original Rhinoplasty by a Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist? (Photos)

I made the mistake of having a tip revision thinking it was uneven. Sadly my doctor trimmed the caudal/anterior ridge of the Left alar cartilage and he trimmed small amounts of tissue on the Left columella side. A year later I asked the same doctor to fix my nose and repair what he cut away, but instead this time he resected cartilage on the right side and he trimmed the tissue on the Right columella side. Now my nose looks pointy and overprojected, and before I had a masculine and chisled tip.

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Revision rhinoplasty

You will never get totally back toyour original nose. Having said that there are a number of things you can do to change your nose. you are quite overprojected with a low radix and nostril asymmetry. You should have several consults with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and use computer imagong to improve communication. You want to be on the same page with your surgeon regarding goals.

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Answer to Rhinoplasty revision question

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to return your nose to its preoperative shape.  It likely will be, however, possible to improve its shape.  You will need to discuss this very carefully with your surgeon so that you both understand what can and cannot be accomplished.  It does appear that the lower lateral cartilages have been over-resected and the tip over-rotated.  In addition, your low radix (nasal root) accentuates the "pointy" nature of your nose.  A dorsal on-lay cartilage graft to increase the projection of the radix will actually decrease the relative projection of the tip.  I would also suggest that you obtain a second (or third) opinion before proceeding with any surgery.  Good Luck.

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Nose restored to original rhinoplasty results

It is impossible to go back to the original preoperative nose.  At this point in time it is important to make changes in the nose to achieve balance and symmetry, so that the nose looks as natural as possible.  Trimming portions of the septal cartilage and caudal septum along with minor adjustments to the columella will give symmetry to the nostrils.  The pointiness of the nose can be adjusted with grafting techniques and shaving down the actual pointed tip cartilages.  

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Can my Nose Be Restored to the Original Rhinoplasty by a Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist?

Sadly, No.  Your original exact nose is gone, never to return.  owever, this does not mean that a revision Rhinoplasty can't improve the appearance of the nose.  In your case the nasal tip is over-projected and appears a bit pointy.  You might also consider correcting a weak chin, as seen on profile view, with a chin implant.  

  1. Reduce tip projection
  2. re-shape nasal tip using a conchal cartilage ear graft
  3. straight silastic chin implant

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Rhinoplasty revision

There are several problems with the present nose, An overtilted tip, a ski slope of a bridge, and over resected right alr cartilage.

Is revision surgery would retun you back   NO , but may improve slightlt. You need to communicate with your surgeon very very well and accept a modest improvement. You will never go back to the nose you had.

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