Rhinoplasty Resulted in Facial Bone Protruding (photo)

Rubbing a finger along the bone under my eye to where the side of the nose is feels like a deformed bone. It's very subtle, but can be highlighted by certain lighting and definitely screws up how my face tans. Looking at the pic, look to the left of my nose and notice how it is slighly difference than my right. What caused this and can / should it be fixed?

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Bone Irregularity after Rhinoplasty

You have observed an irregularity at the site where the nasal bone was interrupted to narrow your nose. This is frequently felt, but rarely seen. However, it does usually resolve with time. You do not mention when you had your rhinoplasty. If you're not satisfied, this can be corrected by filing the bone. 

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Asymmetry after rhinoplasty can be corrected.


Since this bothers you, it can be corrected.  Secondary rhinoplasty can be as simple as making your nasal bones more symmetrical.  The right nasal bone is flatter.  Sometimes you only need refracture on just one side.

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Slight Boney Irregularities After Rhinoplasty


Sometimes after rhinoplasty there are irregularities that can be felt, but are not very noticeable.  As long as they do not bother you cosmetically, it is best to leave alone.  If it does bother you, then a minor rhinoplasty revision with rasping of the bone can be  performed.  And don't forget to wear your sun block.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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You are feeling the osteotomies or breaks

As Dr Placik has said, these are the osteotomy lines.  This is where the nasal bones are cut so the bones can be infractures and the nose narrowed.  You may feel this from time to time but over time it does soften.  If it is really a problem to you these ares can be softened surgically by filing them down. 

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Visible irregularities following nose job

This is commonly due to the use of osteotomies ("bone cuts") to narrow the width of the nose. These can be particularly visible in especially thin patients. Over time the sharp edges of the cuts can be softened through the healing process.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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