Can I Have a Nose Job at 14 or 15 if It Effects My Mental Health?

I live in the UK. I am 14 at the moment. My mum went to the doctor and asked what age you can have them in the UK they said 16. The doctor said she would have to see me though-I haven't been yet. But I wondered if there is anyway or making it earlier due to whats happening like if my therapist or psychologist wrote a letter to a surgeon saying that i need one?

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Rhinoplasty and the right age.

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Rhinoplasty can be done  when the patients growth has completed. For girls this is often by 15 or 16 and for guys about 17 or 18.

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Young Rhino

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After you have attained your full growth, you may proceed with Cosmetic Rhinoplasty procedures. However, traumatic nasal issues may require immediate intervention.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery at age Fifteen

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The typical age that we do a scheduled Rhinoplasty is at the age of 16. At this age the nose has fully matured. In certain circumstances we do operate on a younger patient  depending on their maturation. A consultation appointment and direct examination will provide for a better diagnosis and prognosis. If you are seeing a psychologist it would be important to have an open discussion regarding your desire for Rhinoplasty and to share this with your surgeon. It is important when you are having cosmetic surgery it is for the proper reasons and that you have a realistic expectation. Cosmetic surgery and Rhinoplasty surgery will help increase your self esteem however there may be other issues that might need to be addressed. Make sure your surgeon has a full understanding of your expectations, what problems you are having psychologically so a good surgical plan and proper follow up may be made to attain good over all health both mental and physical. Best regards!

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Teen Rhinoplasty

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Usually, the nasal developmental maturity is reaches at the age of 16. Based on that, you should be a little patient and have mother nature take its course to provide with the final outcome of your development.

Then, your mature nose will be a solid ground on which your surgeon can plan your rhinoplasty.

However, if there is to be a medical emergency requiring a nasal surgery then the patient and the parents will have to deal with a different scenario with the aesthetic aspect being secondary on the list. 

I hope this helps.

The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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