Cause and Solution for Nose Indented on One Side?

My nose used to be perfectly symmetrical from both sides when I was younger (I'm 17 now), until recently. I've noticed that one of the sides indents whilst the other is straight. I went to the doctor and he said that my nose is 'fine' as my septum is perfectly straight. Does anyone know what can be causing the indentation, and is it reversible? I've tried researching about it, but nobody seems to have this problem with their nose. Thanks.

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Treating an indent of the nose

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The problem is not in the septum it is the position of the upper lateral cartilage that lies between the nasal bones and the tip cartilages. It is most likely due to some external trauma- a knock on the nose. The doctor first needs to look inside the nose and make sure there is no internal valve collapse with inspiration. If the valve is ok the best way to address it is by camouflaging it.

My first choice is crushed cartilage taken from elsewhere on the body such as behind the ear because it is permanent, easy, and gives a smoother result. You could use an injectable filler but these tend to not be permanent solutions and have a risk of being less smooth -- a lump.

If the valve is collapsing the solution is more involved but still doable.

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