Can a Nose Go Back to Shape After a Minor Nasal Fracture Caused to It?

i recently got three minor nasal fractures 2 in the nose and one on my cheek. The doctor tells me that the shape is changed but it's very minimal. He said maybe 1 millimeter and does not require re-positioning. However, when i look at my old pictures i see a difference from them and its very noticeable but when i ask someone they say its not at all noticeable. All i need to know is after it heals will it go back to same position or will i have to live with it?

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Nose fracture

 Repetitive nasal trauma  can fracture  the bone and cartilage of the nose.  Once the nose has received trauma and  has been fractured, it will generally not go back to its pre-injury state. A reduction of the nasal fracture or rhinoplasty with cartilage grafting may be needed to repair and restore the nose  close to its original shape

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Nasal Fracture Treatment Options

Nasal fractures are quite common.  Many fractures go undiagnosed.  A true nasal fracture can be either displaced or nondisplaced.  A displaced fracture means that the fracture is not in its normal alignment.  A displaced fracture will generally cause a nose to look different than prior to the trauma, depending on the degree of displacement.  A nondisplaced fracture means that their is a fracture or crack in the nasal bone however the bones have remained in line with each other.  Displaced fractures can be repositioned (typically within 2 weeks from the traumatic incident) if the degree of displacement is severe enough to change the appearance of the nose.  Nondisplaced fractures can be observed and generally heal well on their own, providing no further traumas move the nasal bones from alignment.   It is sometimes difficult to tell if a fracture is present or displaced based on appearance alone.  This is why physical examination and/or a CT scan be helpful in the decision making process.  When swelling resolves sometimes a fracture which was slightly depressed can look more apparent.

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Nasal Appearance after Minor Nasal Trauma

Swelling often occurs following a nasal trauma for approximately 1 or 2 weeks.  During this time is can be difficult to determine if the change in nasal shape is from the swelling or due to a nasal fracture.  If the nose is still deviated beyond this time period then a rhinoplasty could possibly be an option.  For minor deviations a more limited procedure such as rasping or smoothing of the bone can be performed.  If the deviation is more significant than additional grafting may be necessary.

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Nasal fracture

Hello, and sorry to hear about your trauma. You will be experiencing swelling following the trauma, and this may cause your nose to appear different. It is difficult to determine exactly how you heal, and this will take a little bit of time. If necessary, having rhinoplasty performed is an option if you are not happy with the result following your healing. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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