How Can I Remove This Bump on my Head? (photo)

I have a bump on the middle of my forehead which I got when I was pushed off my bike as a child landing on a concrete floor head first, it's shaped like an egg and I've had it now for 20+ years now, it's causing me major depression I know it's not just BDD because I notice people staring all the time it's really crushing my confidence and I just want it dealt with. I really need all advice I can get, what cost? Is it free on the NHS? it looks majorly worse in other lights

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Bump on the forehead

This may be a cyst on your forehead.  In the US it would be covered by health insurance, I can not comment on the NHS.

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Removal of forehead bump.

This can be removed but is not covered by insurance since it is only cosmetic. I remove masses like these thru a hairline incision with hair growing thru the scar and not behind it. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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