Can klorhexidin damage the veneers?

I have gingivitis and have been using corsodyl mouthwash for 3-4 days and I feel the surface on one of the veneers is changing. It´s feel pebbled(?) but no change on the color . What treatment can i use without damage the veneers (emax)? And can my dentist fix the surface on my veneers?

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Chlorhexidine and veneers

I assume you are referring to Chlorhexidine mouth rinse (often referred to by brand name: Peridex). This really shouldn't damage the veneers.  If you have gingivitis around the teeth which veneers are placed, the gingivitis should be treated first!  It is also possible that the veneers are in some way contributing to the gingivitis.  You should have a competent and experienced cosmetic dentist evaluate this.

Steven M. Goldy, DDS

Beverly Hills Dentist
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