Will Insurance (In the US) Pay for my Rhinoplasty if It Affects Me Psychologically?

I read that the NHS (in England) sometimes pays for cosmetic surgery if a psychiatrist determines that their self-esteem is seriously lowered by their appearance. I know that private insurance is much different here in the US, but, still, I thought it would be worth asking: Have you ever heard of an insurance company covering a cosmetic procedure? The bump on my nose causes me great insecurity, and I cannot afford a rhinoplasty. I honestly feel depressed about this and think about it daily.

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Insurance currently trys to not pay for surgery you need.

Lots of luck, and if you are depressed over your flat chest as a woman should insurance pay for implants? It doesn't happen, unless you have a policy that covers elective cosmetic surgery, which none do at the moment. Save  up the money and then get your nose fixed, or if you are really depressed, see a shrink - that may be covered, and if they make you feel better, then you won't need a nose job. 

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Will Insurance (In the US) Pay for my Rhinoplasty if It Affects Me Psychologically?

The short answer is No. Insurance companies will typical cover procedures that treat functional problems such as impaired nasal breathing. Any procedure that is termed "cosmetic" such as a bump on the bridge or a crooked nose is otherwise not covered. With that said, every insurance company and policy is different. It would be worth seeking a Facial Plastic Surgeon for consultation. However, I would temper my expectations about your insurance company authorizing the procedure. I hope this information is helpful.

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To my knowledge, Rhinoplasty Surgery is not a covered benefit by most insurance companies.

I read your concerns, and I'm sorry you're feeling depressed about the appearance of your nose.

With the new healthcare law, there are more restrictions regarding utilizing health insurance to cover the cost of rhinoplasty surgery even when functional nasal issues would be addressed. 

I have no personal experience performing rhinoplasty surgery, using health insurance for payment, for psychological improvement. You should know that many patients with nasal deformities often times DO experience improvement in mood and self-esteem after successful nose job surgery.

If you want a definitive answer to your query, you may wish to call your insurance carrier's customer service department. You may wish to ask whether there are any medical / psychological conditions where rhinoplasty (Code 30410) would be a covered benefit.

Hope this is helpful for you, and good luck.

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