Could my implant pocket have stretched out, creating a bigger space where the implant is moving around?

I had a breast lift with implants 12 years ago. About a year ago I started to feel some discomfort, like my implant is moving around. If I do something that puts pressure on my right breast, it will get stuck in an upwards spot and I have to push it down. I also feel like there are bubbles or air pockets to the right side of my breast. There is some pain. I'm not in a financial position to get surgery right now, but wonder what could be going on.

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Implant Motion

It is very common for the pocket to expand under the pressure of the implant over the years. Please visit a few ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons expert in revision breast surgery for an examination.
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Breast Implant getting stuck in upper chest area


Thanks for your question. Photos would certainly help in your assessment. But based on what you are describing, it happens that over time the breast pocket enlarges in places where you don't want it too and then shrinks in other areas. It is likely that you pocket is large enough to allow the implant to move in an upward direction but tight enough to prevent it from dropping when it gets stuck. Likely the only correct that can be done is surgical BUT THERE IS NO EMERGENCY in doing anything now assuming the implant is not ruptured but the bubbles, air concern me for a possible rupture. I think you may need some imaging to make sure the implants are not ruptured. See your plastic surgeon and see what they can do to help in meantime. If it is saline, then you will know it is ruptured as the saline get absorbed but if it is silicone then a CT scan can be done out pocket costs in arizona are about 350 dollars. Good Luck!

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Could my implant pocket have stretched out, creating a bigger space where the implant is moving around?

Thank you for your question. It is possible that in time the pocket has stretched and the implant is now able to move more or less freely. Sometimes this depends on fluctuations of weight, pregnancy, quality of skin or even only gravity. Ideally an ultrasound should be able to detect if the implant is still intact or displaced. You might want to go and see your original surgeon for a review and an advice.

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