After a body lift, I am freaking out about the 20 pound weight gain. Should I be worried?

I had a body lift done along with a fat transfer to my bottom. I weighted 224 before I got the drains removed and currently, 3 months later, I am 244 pounds. The doctors told me not to freak out because I'm basically eating and sitting around the house. I am also aware that my body is still swollen and I am retaining fluids, Once I get back in in the working world, it should come off. I must admit, I am on summer break and not eating as clean as I usually do. PLEASE HELP, I'M FREAKING OUT.

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Weight gain after surgery

Weight gain after body lift surgery is usually normal due to swelling, fluid retention and restricted movement.  Lymphatic drainage massage can be very beneficial but its also important as this stage of your recovery to include daily exercise and healthy eating.

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Weight gain after surgery

Congratulations on your surgery. Some weight gain afterwards is not unusual due to the activity restrictions while you heal, however, you may need to modify your diet if you have already gained 20 pounds. Eat healthy now and then when you add in your regular exercise routine the additional weight should come off. It is important to watch what you eat or you will be at risk of adding even more weight.Good luck!

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