Is It Normal to Pay for a Revision 6 Months After Breast Surgery?

6 months ago, I had a breast lift with implants. I was different sizes going in and one of the things I wanted fixed was for my breasts to be evened out. He used 375cc in one side and 375cc high profile in the other side. Now that everyting has settled, I am unhappy with how uneven they are. He says that he should have put a larger implant in the smaller side. I am ok with the need for a revision. What I am struggling with is the $1800 estimate I received to have it done.

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Revision cost of breast surgery

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One of my (more famous) Plastic Surgeon colleague once said:  " You cannot make asymmetric breasts symmetric, only "less" asymmetric....!"

Having said that you can see it is not uncommon that one needs a revision mainly when you combine breast enlargement and breast lift. What looks perfect on the Operating Room table may look disappointing after the tissues, implants and swelling settled.  It is usually spelled out in the "cost proposal"  or consent form  for your original surgery what your financial responsibility for a revision is.It is also mentioned that we cannot "guarantee" a result as we deal with human tissues and expectations of patients.  I agree with most of the answers here that your revision fee  is reasonable and probably covers Operating Room fee, Anesthesia fee and maybe Implant cost only.

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Paying for revisions

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Different doctors charge for revisions in a variety of ways.  Many surgeons have in the original consent that if revisions are necessary, the patient will still need to cover the cost of the operating room and anesthesia.  I try to look at things from the patient's perspective and do what I think is fair.  That is especially true if I think the result was not as good as I thought it should be.  Why should a patient have to pay extra for that?  But, on the other hand, many plastic surgeons don't think that way and I think that's wrong and not great PR for the surgeon.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
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Revision surgery

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At 6 mos. post op. I do not charge a fee. However I work with a surgery center who will do these touch up procedures at a reduced cost. The patient is responsible for the O.R. costs. I usually sell a new implant if needed to the patient at my cost or split that expense with the patient.

Terry A. Cromwell, MD (retired)
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Paying for Revision Surgery

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  While $1800 is the amount to cover the overhead, it is a significant discount over what it would cost at another office.  This surgeon's policy seems reasonable.

Breast implant revision

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This is an unfortunate situation, but not uncommon.  Correction of breast asymmetry is very difficult, and it is impossible to create perfect symmetry.  It sounds like your surgeon is being very reasonable.  He is only charging for the implant, anesthesia, and the operating room; he is not charging a surgical fee.

Dennis Dass, MD
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Revision surgery and fees

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Professional fees and revision policy should be discussed in advance.  It sounds like the fees are just for the facility, staff, and implants. It does not sound like the surgeon is charging you a fee for his service( which sounds reasonable).

Steven Wallach, MD
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Paying for revisional surgery

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Yes, it is normal in most offices to pay for revisional surgery.  There are some fees that the surgeon has no control over, (O.R. rental. Anesthesiologist, Cost of Implants, etc;).  Some will charge full price for the surgeons fee, others will discount it.  It sounds from your story that the fee is reasonable.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Is It Normal to repay for a Revision 6 Months After Breast Surgery?

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hanks for the question. From the amount sown it seems that he is charging only for the overhead expenditure You should be happy that he is ready to fix your problem for a nominal cost. In my practice in Dubai we also follow the same policy that any surgery if going for revision then I don't charge surgeons fees but they need to clear the hospital bill, I am sure you will be happy eventfully. Wish you all the luck,

Revision fees

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The pre operative paperwork should spell out financial responsibilities in the event that revisional surgery is necessary. From the amount, it appears that you are being charged for overhead, such as facility and anesthesia, only and the cost of the replacement implant. When you start with asymmetrical breasts, revision is more likely than not and your expectations need to be realistic. Best wishes.

Is It Normal to Pay for a Revision 6 Months After Breast Surgery?

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It seems from the fee that your surgeon is charging for operating room anesthesia and an implant, but that he is not charging a surgeon's fee.  In my opinion, that seems quite fair.

The operation you had, breast enlargement and lift in the setting of uneven breasts has an enormous incidence of secondary surgical procedures being needed to touch up the outcome. It is not a simple procedure, there are many decision points, and healing is not uniform or predictable.

 At the hospitals and surgicenters at which I have practiced the OR, anesthesia and implant fees would add up to about $2100, so the the estimate you received seems reasonable. The surgeon is not charging a fee, yet he is encountering overhead fees. For the time spent, before, during, and after surgery, so he is eating another $2000 or so in overhead expenses when he charges no fee. 

I hope things go well with your revisional procedure, and that these comments from multiple surgeons explain the issues at hand. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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