Will Silicone Gel And/or Expanders Allow Me to Have Up to 1200cc Silicones? (photo)

I am looking for a way to get larger implants and saw something about a study for silicone gel implants, who didn't have to meet certain previous criteria, also I read something about using expanders. I am looking to go to 1000 or 1200cc and know saline is an option but wondered if I was reading this right. I am currently at 700cc's of silicone. I am aware of the risks of going larger and have decided that I am willing.

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Large Volume implants

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While I would certainly acknowledge that large volume implants MAY cause more complications in some woomen, this is certainly not an infrequent request.  It comes up most often in larger women who need breast reconstruction, but also fairly frequently in women who are desiring cosmetic enlargement.  I have found that the best choice at this time is saline which can be overfilled , but the mentor moderate plus has a range up to 960 cc - I have overfilled this to 1200 cc in quite a few patients, who like you, had done their research, understood the risks, benefits, complications, as well as the alternatives.  Several of the patients continue to see me yearly and all are still extremely happy with their results, undertstanding that they may choose to downsize as they get older.

1200 cc implant wanted

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Thanks for the photograph and a very rare question. You look great the way you are now. There is a difference in what is surgically possible and what is surgically wise to perform. Yes its possible to expand skin to 1200 cc expander and then get custom made implants to replace the expander. But as has been rightly pointed out that the changes it will create will be irreversible and weight of implant itself will make sure it sags faster then the current ones and may also induce back ache. We normally see patients with that size who come for breast reduction because of back ache dermatitis under the breast crease and Bra strep causing shoulder pain.The choice is yours. I wish wisdom prevails in you and in your PS.

Want Larger Breast Implants?

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Thank you for the question and picture.  I am not aware of the silicone breast implant “study” that you are referring to. However, you may find the attached link discussing the potential risk/complications associated with larger breasts implants helpful to you.

Best wishes.

1200cc silicones

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No silicone gel breast implants are currently available in the United States over 800ccs. I have filled 800cc saline implants to 1200ccs and beyond, up to 1600ccs without difficulty. The more overfill that is added will increase breast firmness. If you are indeed 700ccs it maybe possible to increase you to 1000ccs are more without expansion. If that is not the case, then the implant will serve as its own expander, adding saline every 6 to twelve months until the desired size is attained.

Implants and 1200cc's

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In the US, the largest implants are 800 cc's. I suppose you could have saline overfilled, but I imagine it would void the warranty because they are overfilled beyond the recommended fill.

1200cc breast implants

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The largest silicone implant that you can get legally in the United States is 800cc.  I don't recommend obtaining the larger implants from foreign countries.  You can overfill the 800cc saline implant to 1200cc, but it will be rather firm. If you already have 700cc, you should not need expanders.  Please do some research on the complications of having extra large implants, before you chose to go that large.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Huge implants

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You should be able to go from your current size to 1200 cc's without using expanders.  However, I think you are already plenty large and think it is a bad idea. I would turn your request for larger implants down, but you will always be able to find a surgeon willing to do it.

Augmentaion mammoplasty with extra large implants

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Eventhough you look quite good and adequately balanced with 700 cc implants, obviously you are interested in getting larger implants. Using tissue expanders are one way to stetch out your breast tissues  to the desired volume ( 1000-1200 ml) before replacing them with larger implants. My preferance is silicone, however be prepared for more complications associated with larger implants.  

1200cc Silicones?

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The largest silicone implants available in the US are 800 cc. I am not sure you would see much difference from your current size. The US manufacturers do not make custom gel implants, and the overwhelming majority of surgeons will not use unapproved implants. 

I am aware of no such study. Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Larger Breast Implants

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Custom size breast implants are no longer made by the implant manufacturers; however there are new Ultra High Profile cohesive gel implants that may give you the look you desire.

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