Is It Normal for Your Bite to Feel off While Wearing the Invisalign Trays?

I just got my first set of invisalign trays yesterday. When I put them in, I felt my teeth wouldnt close together properly. When I bite down as I normally would with the trays in, it feels like my back teeth are up higher and they dont fit in together. It's like two points of my molars are biting down on each other, and it leaves a fairly large space between my top and bottom teeth at the front. I have to slide my jaw forward for my teeth to fit well together and it's an uncomfortable position.

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It is very normal for you to feel that you cannot bite together properly when you first get started wearing Invisalign. As your teeth start to move, your bite may start to feel like it does not fit together at all properly and feels worse than before you ever started wearing the trays. This is entirely normal. Depending on the way your bite initially started before the treatment and the difficulty of movement needed to make your corrections, you may feel that your bite is “off” for quite some time. Some people who have relatively easy corrections will feel less discomfort with their bite than those who need drastic changes. Discuss your situation with your orthodontist so that you have a complete understanding of what to expect as your teeth move. Ultimately, your bite should feel very comfortable at the completion of your treatment as your teeth fall together into a normal occlusion. Be patient.

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Bite changes with Invisalign

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It is normal and expected that as the teeth move the bite will change.  As you near the end of treatment the bite will get closer to normal for you and will take some time to settle and feel completely comfortable even after treatment is done.  Not to worry, this is par for the course in orthodontic treatment.

Carlo Biasucci, DDS
Ontario Dentist

Bite feels off while wearing invisalign aligners

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It is a very common complaint that patients have when they are wearing invisalign that their bite feels off slightly.  Your teeth are moving and can easily be off a little.  It is very normal as well that they do not come together while you are wearing them since they are 2 pieces of plastic that are touching.  When completed things should feel back to normal.



Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Bite Will Feel Off While Wearing Invisalign Trays

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Yes, it is very normal for your bite to feel off when you remove the aligners from your teeth. When you are complete with your treatment, however, it will feel normal. The dentist might have to do some coronoplasty at the end to fine tune the bite.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Bite changes with Invisalign trays

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It is completely normal for the bite to not fit properly when the Invisalign trays are in because you are biting through two pieces of plastic. That is why you take them off to eat. Also keep in mind as your teeth begin to move you will feel that your bite is changing and it might feel strange at times until everything moves into a proper position.

Tanya Vaysman, DMD
New York Orthodontist

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