Invisalign Tray # on the Package Doesn't Match the # on the Tray? (photo)

for my tray # 3 the package say's U 3 of 38, L 3 of 38, but when I actually looked at the tray's they have the # 2 on it. Is that right? Did i get 2 sets of tray # 2?

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The number on the tray MUST match the number on the bag it was given in .  So if the package says U3 and L3, this means: Upper tray #3 and Lower tray #3.  Please take this back to your dentist and notify them of this ASAP.  It looks like you may have been given 2 sets of the same tray.

Good luck!

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Your Invisalign Aligner # is L03, not the other one

I'm not sure the other two doctor commenters even looked at your photos, crispyc.  Your aligner # is on the other side in small type (that's not shown in the photos).  It has either a U or a L followed by two numbers. For example, your LOWER #3 should say L03 and Upper should say U03.  It's usually above your six or seven digit patient identification number.  Good luck with your Invisalign, it's a great product and we love doing it for our patients. 

Robert Passamano, DDS
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Tray numbers should match the package if sealed.

If your tray number does not match the package number and it was sealed, you should contact your dentist who will work with Invisalign customer service to sort out the problem and be sure that you are using sequential trays. 

Gerry Curatola, DDS
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Tray # on Invisalign Package Should Match # on Tray

If the package was sealed, the tray # should match. If your doctor had already opened the package, he might have put tray #3 in your mouth and put your old tray #2 back in the package. Ask your doc.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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