How Can I Take off my Invisalign Without Alot of Pain and Sometime Bleeding?

I've just started using invisalign but whenever I take it off to eat I'm in alot of pain and I sometimes bleed. I have 2 attachment on my top teeth and this is only were the pain occurs. Even after I've managed to take of invisalign I'm in pain while I'm trying to eat. So, I would like to know if there are any tips or ways to take off the invisalign without feelings as little pain as possible.

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Pain taking out invisalign

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In the beginning it can be uncomfortable and frustrating taking the trays out of your mouth.  You need practice taking them out and asking your dentist the best way.  I am not sure why you would be bleeding but I would discuss your concerns with your dentist.

Here are Dr. Gerry's Top Four tips to making Invisalign aligner trays easier to manage:

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1. Change trays at night before bed to allow settling in while you are sleeping. Many patients try to change to their new trays in the morning which is the worst time since the settling in of the trays are interrupted by meal times making insertion and removal more difficult.

2. Insert the trays first on the more difficult side where there are more attachments or crowding of the teeth.  Once the tray is partially inserted over these areas, it tends to be easier to finish the remainder over the less difficult side and many times the tray snaps in. Remove the trays in reverse on their insertion.

3. Practice putting the trays in and out while in front of a mirror to observe where the difficulties are so you can better "navigate" the tray insertion and removal properly.

4. Use a lubricant, such as Vaseline or some mineral oil over difficult attachments or crowded teeth to allow the tray to slide in or out. Sometimes the friction of a tight, or new, tray can make it difficult to slide over crowded teeth or multiple attachments.

If you are bleeding and experiencing constant pain, you should return to your dentist. You may have an ill fitting tray or attachment. 

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