What's wrong with my implants? I'm 3 years post op, 400cc mentor siltex round moderate + cohesive gel under the muscle (Photo)

Do I need to have these taking out then let them heal and then have a revision for a natural good result where my nipple is central to the implant or is it possible to have it done in one go, I think I would have them slightly smaller if possible, I was a 32b/c before and I don't think I needed a lift and there was no recommendation off the doctor to have one but because the implants are in my opinion to high it now makes me look like I need one which I really don't want if I can help it!

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Breast Implant Revision

It appears that your Textured implants are much too high and will need to be revised.  It also appears that the nipple to fold distance is greater than 8 cm which would be one indication for a breast lift.  You need to be examined to determine why the implants are so high but you can improve this appearance.  Can you avoid having a lift?  Thats a discussion to be made after you have a consultation.  Good luck. 

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Hi Thaitai

Your implants are too high. I think are completly submuscular. You need to change those implants for a little smaller like 335 or 360. Round and texture silicone implantes put it in a lower position  and do a breast lift with  t  inverted incision tecnic.

Marco Carmona, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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