Dental implant crown sits high? (Photo)

My dental implant crown on number 7 tooth sits higher then the rest of my teeth. Is there anything my dentist could do to lower it and make it look like the other regular teeth?

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Dental Implant Crown

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Thank you for your question regarding tooth #7. If you're unhappy with the way that your crown looks, this is a conversation that you should have with your oral healthcare provider to see if there are options to improve the cosmetics. With today's technology, there are many ways to improve and correct what you are seeing that is making you unhappy. Please schedule your consultation to discuss your options.

Implant Crown Looks Long

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The one thing that can be done is a gum grafting procedure that can bring the gum tissue further down so that when a new crown is made, it looks more in line with the rest of your teeth. A periodontist would need to do that.

Implant crown is high

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Hi there,First i want to know , what you mean by high?I will tell you what i mean by definition of high and explanation and feedback for both cases. Your case and right answer for you is i feel is #2 see below.
1: Tooth can be high in meaning of HYPER, it means every time you bite down something you feel more pressure on tooth #7, is it touching 1st then other teeth and gets most of pressure? (you said earlier--- 7 tooth sits higher then the rest of my teeth). If its HYPER, it called hyperocclusion, then its very bad thing and you have to get to the dentist who need to as just the crown from behind underneath inside from palatal side , so won't be hyperocclused anymore, what i mean when you eat all your back teeth should touch together, front tooth in this case should barely touch lower front tooth only. Hyperooclusion on implant can possible damage the implant, create bone loss and  abutment screw to loosening, so if that what you mean please mentioned to your dentist.

2. (you said earlier--- 7 tooth sits higher then the rest of my teeth) i think you mean the height of the tooth #7 aesthetically is siting longer and higher toward upper gum  . This is only aesthetic issue , and tooth is longer higher to the gum because you had recession of your bone and the gum, dentist had to extend the crown high to the gum so it will be functional. Usually dentist had to talk to you about your options for aesthetic area,  so this kind of crown prosthesis called FP2 implant crown that's what you got, when crowns looks slight longer /higer to the gum to compensate recession around the gum and bone. And nothing we can do about it, your dentist i'm sure explained you had a recession.Only thing can be done if they make a new crown from the scratch, around the gum where you think its higher they paint and place a material called pink porcelain, it give you optical illusion where visually you can't tell that your tooth is too high because its pink next to the gum matching and blending with color of you gum, that crown prosthesis called FP3 implant crown.You have to keep in mind , that redoing the crown #7 will necessitate extra charges financial.
Hope this help and good luck)
George Sahakyan DDS 

George Sahakyan, DDS
Glendale Dentist

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