Will my gums look the same as the after photo after they have healed? Crown lengthening (Photo)

i got crown lengthening on my 6 front teeth done 3 days ago. my after photo looked amazing, and i was so impressed. but now, three days later they look similar to as they did before the procedure. it's like they'res film at the top of my teeth. will this go away and will they look how they did straight after my procedure?

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Crown lengthing

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Its best to evaluate the procedure after minimum of two weeks but most likely after 4-6 weeks once the complete healing has taken place.


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Crown lengthening procedure to lengthen teeth

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Actually your gums and teeth looks good after 3 days, however it needs to be re evaluated in one month and again in 3 months. crown lengthening procrdure is usually done by periodontist to lengthen the clinical crown, either for cosmetic purposes, or possibly to get more retention on short teeth needing porcelain crowns or even veneers. There is possibility that the dentist might need to do gum re-countering on few spots after that time, but what a difference. You might need to use anti- sensitive tooth paste, ex prevident 5000 plus  for any exposed root to avoid sensitivity.

Best of luck!

Gums after crown lenghtening #DrSoftTouch

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It's too early to judge the results of your procedure. As you heal and the swelling goes down, the results will become apparent. I would recommend discussing any further concerns with your dentist.  I hope this helps.  Click "save" under my name, if you'd like to ask me more questions in the future.  

Gum healing

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It has only been three days and your gums will look better at 7 days then even better at 2 weeks post-op.  The result of your complete gum lift really looks great.  Just look at the length and proper teeth proportion achieved by your dentist.  Your gums will be pink and tighter, and no sutures will be there in a few more days.

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