Did my dentist mean to cut the gum of the tooth beside my temporary crown?

I had a root canal 4 days ago. I felt so much better afterwards. No pain at all. Today I go back and get molded for my crown and received my temporary crown. I am in extreme pain. My gums are red and swollen. Looking in the mirror I realize my gum line on the tooth beside my temp crown is extremely high. It was not before today.Will my gum grow back? Why did he cut my gum line on the toother beside the one he was working on? What do I do?

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Tender gums around temporary crown

Most likely your dentist packed the gums to allow good visibility of the tooth. This will allow a better fitting crown. Ask your dentist if he/she knows of a product called Oxygel. This product has a very active form of aloe which is very soothing and healing to the gums. Look for Oxyfresh dental gel online (I have no commercial interest in this product).

I have used it for years with great results. If you are allergic to mint don't use it. It will usually take 7-10 days for the gums to heal. Be patient and you will have a great result.

Swollen gums after crown prep #DrSoftTouch

During tooth preparation and impressions of the tooth prep, the gums may need to be retracted, especially if the crown is prepped below the gumline. The tissue around the crown prep may be tender and slightly swollen for a few days after your appointment. For some relief, you can do warm saline rinses, and be sure to brush and floss regularly to keep the area clean. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

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Without a picture it's difficult to answer your question . Please post a picture if you would like a response. 

High Gum Line

Depending on how far under the gum your crown goes, sometimes the gum has to be adjusted in order to capture the tooth properly during the molding. Typically, the gum tissue fills back in without any issue. Over the next few days you will see that improve. Keep the area clean by brushing and flossing. 

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