Will 1 syringe of juvederm be enough for both my lips and nose? (Photo)

I would like to lift the bridge of my nose a little bit to have more straight profile without widening it. I heard that typically 0.4 of syringe is enough for the nose. I also would like to plump my lips a little bit, nothing too crazy. Do you think juvederm will be appropriate for both procedures and can I use 1 syringe to do it or it will require more for my case? Thank you

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How much #filler needed for nose and lips

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One syringe of #Juvederm may be enough to treat bith areas, but you can check the sites yourself with a mirror after the syringe is used and your and your physician can decide at that time if more is appropriate.

It seems as though your nose is the priority.

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It seems as though your nose is the priority. Therefore, inject the nose first and use the remaining product for your lips. At which time you can assess the areas and if you would like more volume you can purchase another syringe. 

You always have the option to add more product at a later date. 

Juvederm for the lips and nose

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 It looks like you have nice volume in your lips to begin with so I'd recommend starting with one vial.  You can always do more and it's better not to over correct.  I often prefer Juvederm Ultra Plus which is a thicker version of Juvederm and goes a bit further for volumizing the lips and nose rather than ultra but the amount of product and which one can only be determined by a consultation with an experienced injector/physician.

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Will 1 syringe of juvederm be enough for both my lips and nose?

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One syringe sounds like a good idea to start.  Use the first part on your nose.  Use the remainder in your lips.  If you want more, you can always purchase another syringe, but starting with one is a good idea!

Lip and nose injections

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While you will see a difference with the Juvederm injection, I am sure you will require more than one syring to do both your nasal and lip injections.  Good luck.

Dr. Taranow, NYC

Juvederm for the lips

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Juvederm is a great filler for the lips. Typically it takes one syringe to plump up the lips. You can start with the nose and use the remainder for the lips. If you are satisfied then you wouldn't use the second syringe. You will probably want more than half a syringe in the lips. Please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with lip injections and Juvederm for the best cosmetic results. 

Try one syringe but prepare for a second

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You can do with one syringe and see if you like.  If you wish more that can be done at your request in a few weeks.    This is open ended and a lot depends on what you want.   My Best,  Dr C

One syringe of filler lips and nose

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It all depends upon what your goals are. It is not uncommon to use more than one syringe for the lips alone. Best of luck. 

Is 1 syringe of Juvederm enough for my lips and nose

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I suppose the answer to your question lies in the fact that you want to plump your lips "a bit". That needs to be more defined to help us answer your question. Remember that 1cc syringe of Juvederm is less than a teaspoon of actual injectable material. So while a "full syringe" sounds like a lot, when you actually see what that equates to, it's just not that much liquid volume.

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1 syringe of Juvederm for both lips and nose?

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Hello and thanks for your question. The good news is that you will need very little Juvederm to add volume to your lips and correct your nose. However, I usually use different kinds of Juvederm for each area. Typically, I use Juvederm Ultra XC for the lips. For the nose I use Juvederm Ultra Plus XC which is a bigger compound and can be injected deeper to add more volume. It also lasts longer than regular Juvederm when used for the nose. Hope this helps.

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