How many syringes would I need to achieve full, plumped and defined lips? (photo)

Hi there! I have decently small lips and have been considering getting them filled for awhile as I'm tired of faking plumped lips with lipstick and lip liners. Without looking fake or "duck-like", I would like my lips to be very full, defined and plumped. For reference, I love Megan fox's lips! I'm considering Juvederm ($460-475 per syringe) or Volbella ($590 per syringe) in Kelowna, Bc Are these prices reasonable? How many syringes would I need to achieve the results I want? Thanks in advance!

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One syringe should be sufficient and the prices seem reasonable.  I love #Juvederm or #Beletero for the lips.

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Juvederm much better than Volbella! If you want a natural eversion without looking done, beyond respecting the lower/upper proportions, I like to inject my filler (1 syringe is more than enough) retromuscularly with a microcannula. It creates a very delicate eversion without duckbill effect. The microcannula allows for 1 single access point per side and eliminate the risk of bruises.

Giovanni Salti, MD
Italy Dermatologic Surgeon

How much filler do I need for my lips

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I actually wouldn't say you have small lips. You have quite nice lips. The trick with lip filler is that your injector has to follow the natural shape of your lips so that you don't look overdone. Which means more needs to go in your bottom lip (about 2/3) and then the rest into the top (about 1/3). With most people I recommend starting with one syringe, and then adding another in a few weeks if you want it fuller. It is always easier to add more than to take out too much. Juvederm is approved in the U.S., Volbella is not, so I can't comment on the pricing much. Remember that the majority of your result will come from the person injecting it. The filler has no idea what to do on its own. So it's best to shop for an expert, and not a cheap price.

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How many syringes would I need to achieve full, plumped and defined lips?

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Those prices do seem reasonable though my practice is located in Denver and I'm not familiar with that market. In the vast majority of people with decent lip volume one syringe of Juvederm is plenty to shape and augment the lips without creating a "done" look. I always counsel lip filler patients that the expected amount of swelling will likely make the lips appear too big for the first 2-3 days but that swelling typically settles by that point. I hope this information is helpful for you.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS
Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon


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I do not like donald duck lipps. You can get a nice fill with one tube of Juvederm. The trick is to insect the vermillion border and the wec dry line.

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Full, Plumped Defined Lips

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Dear Erikalily:One has to examine your face in its entirety to determine the most appropriate size of lips that complements your face best.  Saying that and having a look at you photo that's available, I would say that your lips are a fair size and that one would not need more than one syringe of Vobella to enhance your lips.  Hope this information helps. All the best.

Juvederm for lips

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Typically 1 syringe is used to augment the lips. Most patients start with one syringe, wait a couple of weeks, and then return if more is needed. Volbella is specially designed for the lips, so you can consider this as an option. That pricing seems very reasonable.

One syringe should be enough to enhance your lips and still look natural.

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One syringe should be enough to enhance your lips and still look natural. Volbella is a perfect product for natural looking lips and injects smoothly.

Starting with one syringe is always a good recommendation. You can always add more at a later date. 

Hope this helps.   

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