Surgical Scar on the Nose? (photo)

I have a rectangular scar on the front side of my nose as a result of a surgery that was intended to smooth out the bumpy area on my nose from persistent acne. This happened well over 15 years ago. Based on the pictures I posted, I want to know what are the best methods or combinations of methods to correct the scar. The rectangular scar is slightly depressed and flat than the other side of the nose with irregular surface texture. This is very important to me, please advise.

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Scars on the nose

Your scar on the nose is in a very difficult place to correct.  The safest course of action would be to have Restylane injected into the scar.  If you elect to have any surgical procedure you are at risk of making it worse.  Please find an experienced board certified dermatologist with cosmetic surgery experience in your area .

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A Combination of Subcision, Medical Microneedling & The Punctuated Phenol Peel Work Well For Nasal Scars

I have managed quite a few scars on the nose in the course of my career. Most resulted from dog bite injuries, other forms of trauma, and acne.

The photos suggest a more linear scar. Although some might suggest excising, for relatively small, line-like scars, I would suggest a series of subcision treatments. Surgical excision in the tight confines of the nose risks creating an even bigger scar from spreading.

Subcision is a simple procedure that uses a needle-like cutting device that is slipped under the scar (under local anesthetic) and moved from side to side in order to break up the fibrous bands of scar tissue. This allows for the surface of the scar to float to the surface and also to promote new, more normal collagen synthesis to fill the potential space created. The result--a much more shallow scar and often significant visual improvement.

If there is an unsightly surface texture to the scar, or if its off-white color remains disturbing, a series of medical microneedling treatments can be initiated. For small scars, the DermaStamp can be used. This is a small instrument with a series of sterilized needles attached, which may be used, under local anesthesia, to disrupt the surface of the scar. allowing it to reform in a more uniform texture and sometimes color.

Alternatively, the Punctuated Phenol Peel technique may be used. With this technique, also performed as a series of treatments, microdroplets of full strength phenol are placed along the scar--leaving intervening untreated spaces (a fractionated approach) from which healing may take more rapidly and with less risk for actually causing a scar. 

Most often, I have found that subcision performed alone or combined with medical microneedling is capable of producing quite a gratifying aesthetic improvement. 


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Nasal scarring

The tip of the nose is a very tricky place to operate. Anything surgical will create additional scarring. Possibly filler could be used to improve the depression.

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