How does removing prematurely surgical glue on an incision affect scar outcome?

If a plastic surgeon has used a combination of internal, dissolvable sutures plus surgical glue for a facial plastic procedure, will picking at and removing the surgical glue prematurely (i.e. 4 days after a lip lift surgery) guarantee a result that shows more visible scaring than if this had not been done? Should the patient try to find ASAP surgical glue and put it back on the incision? If so, what brand/type and where is the best place to find it? CVS?

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Surgical glue

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I employ surgical glue after breast lifts  and of abdominoplasties since the freshly closed incision tends to ooze blood for approximately 48 to 72 hours. Putting Steri-Strips on the freshly closed incision may trap blood underneath them  necessitating their removal which can  prematurely irritate the skin. Furthermore, glue helps to "lock in" the freshly closed incision from the outside world, potential  lessening the chance of any postoperative infections. The glue  generally  comes off in about a week. If it's obviously peeling like   separating  skin after  sunburn, the glue can be gently peeled away and trimmed. Of course, always consult your surgeon prior to meddling with the fresh incision.

Skin Glue

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If you want a nice result from your surgery follow you surgeon's instructions and do not pick the glue.  See your surgeon for an exam.

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