Should my orthodontist charge me for Invisalign refinements?

Hi, I've been with Invisalign for a few months and currently on tray 15 (out of 24). Unfortunately the upper tray doesn't fit perfectly anymore (a few large gaps between tooth and aligner) and my doctor recommended getting refinements in the middle of treatment now. He wants to charge $500 even though he promised me at the beginning of treatment that there were no addition costs. I guess he meant it for the retainer though I'm quite sure he mentioned refinements as well but no way to proof.

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Refinement costs.

Every office has their own policy. It does take the staff time and materials to order a refinement. But in my office all refinements and corrections are included. 

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Do refinements cost anything? #DrSoftTouch

Sorry to hear that you need a refinement, but this is pretty common with clear aligners.  Since you're not sure whether your dentist told you that refinements would be free or not, you would have to go with what you remember and believe that he/she is being truthful with you now.  Generally speaking, it depends on your specific case.  If you were in an express or limited case, then you will likely have to pay for refinements.  If you are in a complete case, then a certain number of refinements would be of no charge.  If your doctor is charging you for refinements, it is likely you had a discounted treatment plan to begin with and these are additional charges incurred.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
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Cost for Invisalign refinement?

Did you sign a contract? if so, it should state what is included in treatment
Refinements should not be an additional charge unless the reason the treatment is not on track is because you have not worn the appliances as instructed!

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