Which compression garment is best to use for liposuction and fat transfer to hip

I'm about to do a liposuction and have the fat transfered to my hips and I would like to know which compression garment is best to us for this type of procedure.

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Liposuction Garments

The company that we order our garments from is Contour MD. These garments are for abdominal, hip, and back compression with a zipper going down each side for easy removal. There is also an opening at the bottom for your drains to come through.

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Garments after fat injection

Every surgeon is different,. and some do not use agreements. Two companies my office uses commonly are Marena and Veronique.

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Compression garments – science versus other

The short answer here is use the garment that is recommended by your surgeon

The problem with postoperative compression garments is if you don't listen carefully to your surgeon and you go and buy a garment,  you are likely to buy a garment that is too small for you and one that is too expensive.    this can result in girdle trauma – problems related to your postoperative result  directly related to the girdle. Again,  I encourage you to put a lot of research and effort into this and communicate with your surgeon before the surgery to avoid this problem. 

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Imperfect science

In my experience this is a harder question that you would imagine. 

We have two conflicting goals in the same procedure. 

we want compression at the liposuction site to help the layers stick down after the surgery. We want immobilisation at the fat transfer site but not so much in the way of compression.

Depending on your shape after the procedure, its hard to find a garment do both. 

I suspect some medium compression spanx will do the trick as well as anything as they at least come in lots of shapes and sizes. There are other products avail that will do the same job.

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

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