Does Clear and Brilliant thicken the skin?

i am 43, no particular visible signs of aging just fine lines around the eyes. i am caucasian and my skin has yellow undertones. I would like to thicken my skin all around. Would a combination of clear and brilliant plus dermaroller work? i tried clear and brilliant only once years ago around my eyes, no side effects.

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Clear and Brilliant

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Dear septembergirl,
Clear + Brilliant laser is a 1440 nm wavelength fractionated laser that improves tone, texture and fine lines in the skin with minimal downtime. While there is some collagen stimulation provided by this laser, thickening of the skin is not as prominent as with some other procedures.
I am personally not a fan of the dermaroller, as I feel there is less control with this device. Microneedling with a device that provides depth control (like the Dermapen), especially when paired with PRP (platelet rich plasma), can give very good results and produce some thickening of the skin.
This can be alternated with Clear + Brilliant for great results. I've had success with this combination.

Newport Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

Clear and Brilliant

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Clear and Brilliant is a very nice procedure with no down time which makes the skin look more radiant and helps to diminish pores and pigmentation.  If you are interested in fine lines around the eyes you would be much better off having the eMatrix for the lines around the eyes combined with Botox.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

Clear and Brilliant laser and Melarase creams

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Some settings of Clear and Brilliant laser can help promote collagen production. I would combine C + B with Melarase creams and Replenish to optimize results. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

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Skin texture and the Clear and Brilliant

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Under the microscope Clear and Brilliant can thicken the epidermis and remodel collagen. This means better skin texture and skin tone. Yes, a combination of 0.25 mm derma roller used correctly alternating with monthly Clear and Brilliant can act as a synergistic treatment approach. The Fiori Institute of Skin and Body, Brisbane. Australia. 

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