Is it a bad idea to get a full set of veneers at 21? (photo)

I am thinking about getting my top 10 and top bottom teeth veneered. They're not BAD, but I'm uncomfortable with the size. I have already gotten them lengthened by shaving down my gums. My mom has worked for a dentist for 30 years and she told me that I'll ruin my teeth and have to have root canals in all of them and my veneers will fall out. I think she's just trying to talk me out of having a cosmetic procedure. My right front tooth broke off as a child and is bonded on. What do you think?

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Straighten Your Teeth, Then Veneers

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Step one is to align your teeth. This is powerful in terms of cosmetics but it also sets up a beautiful conservative veneer case. Beautiful veneers are not possible on teeth with bad bites, called malocclusions. It is a poor choice to do veneers in severe crowding cases without first straightening the teeth. In my office I do accelerated orthodontics coupled with Invisalign.  On average I can straighten the teeth and correct the bite in 3-4 months.  Then I would re-evaluate your smile and see how veneers could help.  This method is conservative, will create a beautiful smile and last a long time.

Newton Dentist

Veneers at 21

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I agree with the other dentist. I think you should start with orthodontics. Move your teeth into a more ideal position. When your braces are finished if you still need more length you may be a candidate for a minimal prep type of veneer. You are young and will require multiple sets of veneers. If your teeth are ideally positioned you may need fewer more conservative veneers. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Veneers or Not

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Personally, I don't think you should have veneers done. Your lower teeth are crowded and would be best treated by orthodontics or Invisalign. The significance of your age is that you will definitely need them to be remade probably several times over your lifetime which will continue to affect your teeth. If you don't like the length of your teeth, maybe you didn't have enough of a gum lift. Veneers should not necessarily add length to your teeth. The extra length should be achieved by raising your gums further. You should see a dentist that is proficient in cosmetics and who has your best interest at heart. 

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Advice for full set of veneers at age 21

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Your mother is giving you good advice.  Your teeth look pretty nice.  I would recommend replacing the bonded front tooth with a porcelain restoration.  It might be necessary to do both of your front teeth to get a good color match.  You should consider Invisalign to straighten your lower teeth, looks like it would be an express case.  Placing veneers on 20 of your teeth would require removing enamel and the potential for sensitivity and gum inflammation,  Veneers do not last forever, and you would probably need to replace every 10 or 20 years, at a significant expense.  Working for a dentist, your mother has good insight and is giving you good advise...take it!

Smile makeover

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yes, you can have solution, you will be able to change, shape , size and even color, you will love your smile, and it will look nice and even, you will have a great result, and a long term solution, if you do veneers, yes, but it tis true, to do veneers, you will have to shave teeth down. remove enamel, but this is what veneers do, and just see the results, they love their teeth.

I would recommend orthodontic therapy not veneers.

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Please see a dentist or orthodontist first to consult on orthodontic care. You appear to have nice, natural, healthy teeth that simply need to be aligned.  This could easily be done with Invisalign within just a few months.  Your teeth would remain completely in their natural state, just a better version without anything artificial bonded to them.  Your lower teeth would still be crocked even if you did veneers on the uppers.  Orthodontics will correct both the upper and lower teeth.

Veneers can last a very long time

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When people (even dentists) say veneers lead to root canals and destroying teeth, it usually means they only have experience with dentists that don't know how to DO porcelain veneers very well.  Poorly done veneers CAN lead to all of that, but well done veneers can last a VERY long time with NO adverse effects.

I would suggest "pre prosthetic braces" to line the teeth up before the veneers.  You MIGHT like the result enough to stop there.  If not, minimally invasive veneers (perhaps even NO prep) can be done to give the proper size, shape, and color you desire.

At your age, plan to redo them at LEAST once, maybe twice, in your lifetime due to simple wear and tear (nothing lasts forever).  I have replaced veneers that were in service for 25 years and only got changed to improve color.  No root canals, no loss of teeth.

Veneer, appropriate age

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You can definitely improve your smile with veneers, however if they are healthy and aesthetically ok my advice is to wait.  Most likely at such a young age you will have to redo your veneers at some point again. 

Normally the patients I have done veneers on at such a young age were mostly in the entertainment industry and their teeth were a hinderence to getting a casting or a job.


Dr. Maddahi

Veneers damage

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Dear daisygirl426:

Listen to your mother! She is absolutely right.

You definitely should look into Invisalign orthodontics to straighten your lower teeth and out-tilt your uppers.

Any dental work had a certain life span.  Well made veneers could last 20 years, but then they won't look so good and will have to be replaced.  Very expensive proposition.  You are also assuming that you will have some very excellent work done.  Unfortunately, chances are that you will get average work done and it will not last that long, and we'll not look that great. As a prosthodontist I see many cases that involve replacement of veneers, crowns, and teeth on people who tell me that they wish that they never have had that first set of veneers made.

Having said that, veneers are a wonderful treatment for people who really need them to correct malformations and shade issues, but if your teeth are nice, and yours are, out is better to leave then alone.

Listen to your mother!  She is (usually) right.

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