Really bad color on implant. Any suggestions? (photos)

My front-tooth implant is much brighter than my other teeth. I look like a one-toothed chipmunk.

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You may need to consider having a different crown placed over the implant.

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Once a crown has been fabricated, and cemented in the mouth, the color is stable and so can not be modified.  In addition to the color, the translucency of the ceramics need to be close to that of the surrounding natural teeth or this too can contribute to the new tooth not blending in.  Meeting with another doctor for a second opinion will allow this to be evaluated, and give you an opportunity to discuss your options.  You may end up having to consider replacing some of the components such as the crown or abutment in order to achieve the result that you are looking for.  Good luck!  Dr. Geen

New York Dentist

Implant crown

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It's a little difficult to tell from your photo your exact problem. Most likely it's the crown on the implant that is the wrong color. Is it new? If it's new I suggest visiting with your dentist and sharing your concerns about the color. If the crown is older, did it match to begin with? Maybe you need to bleach your other teeth is there was a time when it matched. Another option is to have a new crown made. This would correct the problem. I do suggest looking at the crown before your dentist cements it permanently.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist


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as yr implant prosthesis is not visible in photograph so its my request to upload closeup photograph so i can guide u better.

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