After my recent rhinoplasty, I would like to remove my silicone implant. Is this possible? (Photos)

Hello, I am 8 days post op from a rhinoplasty performed in Korea. The nose is perfect, but it does not suit my asian face. It is too high and narrow. I am looking to remove my implant as well as the tip (bone harvested from nasal septum). I regret changing my nose since I was curious as to what "height" would do for me. How close can I get to my original nose if I have the implant removed? What would be the best way to achieve my original shape (nose height, soft tip). I have attached photos.

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Removing Silicone

     Removing the Silicone Implant would be easy compared to other implants and would usually bring back your old looks (for as long as no complications happened ie infections). If there will be something that will alter your previous look, it could be the tip manipulation. At this point (8th post-op day) however, you still have some degree of swelling and the tissues are friable. So when removal is done, suturing may not be possible although the incision site will close by itself.
    I would personally advise you to wait for 2-3 months. Why? 1. The final outcome of your rhinoplasty will only be seen at this time. 2. By then, removal will be much easy and less bloody because your body will form a capsule to enclose the implant (in case you still want it removed). Always consult you surgeon though..

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Regrets following implant rhinoplasty

You need to return to your surgeon and have a detailed discussion with him/her about your concerns. 
Often it is not possible to completly reverse all surgeries of this sort, but it is possible to reverse most.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Undoing a rhinoplasty

It is difficult to totally reverse the changed from a rhinoplasty.  If you remove the the silicone i believe you will have some degree of distortion.  This requires a customized approach.  The answer might be to remove the silicone then replace it with a smaller profile (less tall) piece of rib cartilage. 

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
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Asian rhinoplasty healing

it is very early and you may not feel as though the change to her nose is so drastic as the weeks and months go by.  That being said, if the cartilage of your nasal tip was not excised or altered dramatically there is a good chance that your nose well returned 2 an appearance close to the original.

best of luck

Chase Lay, MD

Chase Lay, MD
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