Can I get money refunded for restalyne injected poorly? (photos)

I had Restalyne put into my tear troughs 2 months ago.the left eye stayed swollen. I had a follow up with my doctor, he claimed there was nothing he could do to improve it.I asked him about the dissolving enzyme he claimed that would not help me. I made an appointment with another plastic surgeon that day and they dissolved it and the eye looks a lot better. I had to pay $500.00 for the procedure and than an extra $100.00 to get the product dissolved. Can I demand a refund from original Dr.?

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One risk of fillers is swelling and this can happen to anyone.  I do not refund for complications that can occur.  the physician should be able to handle any risks/benefits of treatment.  Expertise, skill, overhead, location etc all play into the cost you paid.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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you can demand but you wont get it. doctors do not refund money but this is a lesson to be sure you ask questions about board certification, experience and side effects before you let someone inject you


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Each doctor has their own refund policy. I am of the belief that if one performs a procedure they should be able to deal with the complications. Injection of an enzyme to dissolve fillers is a skill all doctors injecting dermal fillers should be able to perform. Unfortunately persistent edema post tear trough injections does take a long time to fully subside.

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Thank you for sharing your question. Each doctor has their own policy in regards to refunds. You can always ask for money back or a treatment. Make sure doctors experienced in the procedures you request perform the treatment.  Good luck,

Can I get money refunded for restalyne injected poorly?

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You can demand anything but very doubtful the initial injecting doc will even respond to you. Plus ONLY $100 for the dissolver? Very cheap. Most PSs charge $500 per session of this. In my opinion you still need more dissolver injected......

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