Can I get bimaxillary advancement for cosmetic reasons?

I had two upper premolars removed as a teen for an overjet. I'm not happy with how my lower jaw is so short and would like more jaw projection and I could use some opening up of airway too. I have braces right now to fix a crossbite. I might have minor sleep apnea and I have been told I have a deviated septum. My ortho right now said if at the end of my braces if I'm not happy I could go right in to bimax surgery. Is it easy to get this for cosmetic non life threatening reasons?

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Bimaxillary advancement

It is not uncommon to see patients where the upper bicuspids have been removed to treat an overbite. It does 'collapse' the upper lip inwards in many cases and leaves a smaller looking lower jaw. Double jaw advancement is possible but there are other masking approaches which can be less surgery; it depends upon your tissue type and even the nasal prominence. Consult  a surgeon at this stage.

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what I suggest is seeing an Orthognathic surgeon immediately and not wait until ortho is done. There may be a different set up in teeth that the surgeon requires. 

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