3-pc Maxillary LeFort Disappointment. X-bite, underbite and vert maxillary deficiency. Need professional opinions.

The photos included with this post explain it all. The plan was initially double-jaw surg, but surgeon decided a single jaw (said it would do everything needed). Plan was to move maxilla forward 7mm and widen it 5mm. Was also going to address no resting tooth show (occlusal plane angle only 6 deg) via downgraft. Wake up to find my upper maxilla crooked along with my nose, downgraft was "forgotten", and only 2mm forward movement resulting in protruding front max incisors (121 deg). Help????

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Jaw surgery

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If you are not happy with the jaw surgery results you should contact your surgeon and let them know. If still unacceptable maybe another opinion would be beneficial.  The upper jaw is placed to the right. I am not sure this was because of the lower teeth dictating the position or what. Perhaps the nose muscles could have been closed better. 

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