Could I have possibly pulled a muscle in my stomach? 2 weeks post op tummy tuck

I pulled up on my stomach muscles getting out of bed by accident I can feel a lump on the left side of my stomach now and it's painful, could I have possibly pulled a muscle?

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It is hard to say what that lump could be. It can be several things and the best way to evaluate it would be in person. You should see your surgeon.

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Tummy tuck mass

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Sorry you are experiencing a change in your pot op healing.  it could be a variety of problems.  Fluid collection; seroma, hematoma, or that you did pull a stitch in the fascia (muscle).  You should follow up with your Plastic Surgeon.  A physical exam will clear it up.

Best of luck.

Dr. T

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Tummy tuck

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That's possible, could also be a pulled stitch, etc. or nothing.

Close follow up with your plastic surgeon is recommended.

Tender "lump" after tummy tuck

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There are many possible explanations for what you are experiencing.  This could be a small blood or fluid collection, routine swelling, or stretching at the site of muscle tightening.  A visit to your Plastic Surgeon for exam and instructions is warranted.

Lump after tummy tuck

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A lump like you describe can be one of many things: routine swelling, delayed hematoma (bleeding), hernia, etc. It would be best to be seen by your doctor as soon as possible for an in person exam and recommendations. Best wishes.

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