Necrosis update; stopping santyl after 1 week & finishing up with manuka honey. Any other tips? (Photo)

8 weeks po Stopping santyl after 1 week. Finishing up with manuka honey. Any other tips? Also doing hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

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Necrosis update.

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  It appears that you are rapidly healing with the bright red tissue indicating your body is filling in the incision separation from the inside out.  You may need a bit more cleaning of the wound but all looks to be coming along well.  Keep up with the dressing changes and other advice supplied by your surgeon.  

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Necrosis after a tummy tuck

Santyl is a great drug.  The manufacture now claims you can use it even after necrosis has disappeared to speed healing.  Honey is an excellent choice and kills bacteria as well like MRSA.  You are doing the right things.  You may need a scar revision when its all said and done.

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Wound necrosis

Now that the wound is cleaned, the prudent path is to surgically close the wound, so that it will heal faster, and without severe scarring.  To leave it alone and let it heal by itself will take months, and leave bad scars.  Another option is to apply negative wound suction for a week ( NWPT) to shring the wound and make it easier to close.  Your surgeon should know about this or refer you to someone who does.  Good luck.  This is a serious problem in wound healing and should not be taken ligfhtly

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Necrosis after Tummy Tuck

Dear Melanie,

Thank you for your picture.  I am sorry that you had a serious complication.  The only tip I have would be to continue to follow your plastic surgeon's advice.  Your wounds look pretty healthy at this point.  Once healed you may desire revision.  Best wishes

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS, FACS

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