I have a small red dot on my nose which the doctor told me was broken capilliaries. Can be fixed with IPL laser or PDL V-Beam?

The only difference is the dermatologist i went to said the IPL laser will also help with the sunspots i have Looking for the best result with the lowest cost and treatments needed.... What do you recommend?

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Facial red dot

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This can be treated with ohmic thermolysis, pulse dye laser or multiple sessions of IPL, among other techniques.

H Karamanoukian MD FACS

certified vein specialist (ABVLM)

Facial red dot

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I have treated and gotten wonderful results with Electrocautery treatment.  Generally only 1 treatment is necessary and generally minimal discomfort.  

Pulsed dye laser and IPL for broken blood vessels.

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A combination of pulsed dye laser and IPL will help clear the broken blood vessel on the nose. I use these two in combination. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Facial capillaries

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There are multiple effective treatments for facial capillaries including laser, fine needle radio frequency and IPl. All work well.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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