Is it normal to have one breast softer than the other and a different size, 3 weeks after Breast Augmentation? (photos)

one breast higher than other, but the breast higher is more soft. i am 3 weeks out. Saline, 380cc (right) 420cc (left), Hp, under muscle. I noticed that my right has been much firmer, sore, and tight compared to the left with the more cc's. The left is very soft, not sore, and appears smaller even though it is the one with more CCs. The right is very tight and sore. is this normal? what could it be?

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Sisters, not Twins

Hello! Yes, is it "normal" to have asymmetry of breasts after surgery. Sometimes this can last for up to a year for them to settle and start looking the same. I always tell my patients that your breasts are "sisters, not twins" for this reason! Give it time, be patient, and it should start to even out. 

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Breast augmentation

You can expect to have continued 'dropping' of the implant for up to one year. After that, gravity and tissue stretch will continue to 'soften up' the appearance of your upper breast and give you a more natural appearance.
To clarify, implants don't actually 'drop' (at least they shouldn't) after surgery. What actually happens is that the chest muscle and breast skin in the upper breast continue to stretch and relax giving the appearance that the upper part of the breast is getting flatter (and thus the implant appears to have 'dropped'). In reality, the implant stays in the same position and the relaxed muscle and skin allows the implant appearance in the upper breast to go from a bulging look to a more natural appearance.

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Yes you can have difference in softness of the breast 3 weeks after augmentation!

This happens to right handed patients because they use their right side more for work or activities.  Also it holds true that the pectoralis musce is more well developed on the right side and this leads to more soreness and tightness.Please find an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and member of the Aesthetic Society using the Smart Beauty Guide. These Plastic Surgeons can guide you on all aspects of facial surgery, breast augmentation and body procedures including tummy tucks or mommy makeovers!

Differences 3 weeks after breast augmentation

Hi. Your breasts will change for at least 3 months after the operation (sometimes up to 12 months), and your implants are likely to down a little over this time and your breasts change shape. It is normal for one breast to go a little faster than the other in terms of settling down after the operation. Try to be patient at this stage and wait until all the postoperative changes have finished before assessing things

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Is it normal to have one breast softer than the other and a different size, 3 weeks after Breast Augmentation?

Yes, this is very common after only 3 weeks following surgery.  It is too soon to see the final results of your surgery as you can have residual swelling for up to 6 months.  It is not uncommon for one side of the body to heal at a different rate than the other.  You must be patient.  Be sure to follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions and should you have any concerns contact or visit your surgeon’s office.

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Breast asymmetry after augmentation

3 weeks post-op is much too early to make any judgments about your breast augmentation result. One breast may have swelled more as a response to surgery. Or there could have been a little more bleeding on one side than the other. The tissues on both sides need to stretch a little to accomodate the implants. In other words, things are still evolving. Try to be patient, and follow your surgeon's instructions.

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Assymetry at 3 weeks

some asymmetry like what you are descrbing is still normal at 3 weeks.  The smaller breast (larger implant) will need more time to catch up to the larger size (smaller implant).  Try and be patient

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Breast softening after surgery

Thank you for your question. Congrats on the surgery. It may take months for the breasts to soften and settle, and they may never soften to the pre-surgical state. In addition, the greater the implant to breast tissue ratio, the more the implant will affect the longterm firmness (or softness) of the breast. It is also normal for one breast to soften before the other.  I would exercise patience and see how things change with every few weeks that pass by.

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Is it normal to have one breast softer than the other and a different size, 3 weeks after Breast Augmentation?

At 3 weeks post-op, it is really too soon to worry about your results.  It is normal to experience some asymmetry as you are recovering due to swelling, and it can take 3-6 months for it to resolve.  Try to be patient but do keep an eye on it and do let your surgeon know your concerns.  ac

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Asymmetry of breast

You are only a short time after surgery.  It is not uncommon for things to be different from one breast to the other especially when you started off with asymmetry.  Continue close follow up with your surgeon and give the healing process adequate time.  Donald R Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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