Can a New Dentist Match an Existing Veneer?

I am looking to switch dentists and do not feel comfortable asking to transfer my chart. Would a new dentist be able to match my veneers in the unfortunate case that one of them would crack? I know there are a lot of elements that go into creating the veneer (color, translucency, texture etc). However, as much as I love my veneers I'm losing faith in my current dental practice.

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Changing and matching an existing veneer can be tricky.

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While your concern is understandable and wanting to change dentists is your prerogative, achieving an exact match of an existing veneer without the previous information may be difficult, especially if there was a custom blend of porcelain shades when the previous veneers were made. Other important information is the shade/type of luting composite (adhering the veneer to the tooth), along with the stump (prep) shade of the underlying tooth. This information should be made available to you by the previous dentist should/when the need arises to change an existing veneer,and my advice would be to get it. It just may make your life, along with that of the the dentist's and dental technician's, just a little bit easier. If not, a process of "trial and error" may be unavoidable when a new veneer may have to be fabricated. You should also be aware that with time the color of your veneers may appear to change anyway as both the luting composite and underlying tooth color can darken or yellow.

Matching Porcelain Veneers

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Yes, porcelain veneers can be matched.  It is however,  a challenging and skilled project.  Many times it requires custom shading which is to paint the additional porcelain on in the mouth and then refire the porcelain in the furnace.  Whereas it is not most dentists favorite thing to do it is a necessity in practice.  I would think most dentists would charge more for a single tooth in the front of the mouth and it should be worth it.  You could also expect that a few extra visits may be necessary.  Overall, it should not be a problem and there is even a chance that the dentist who made the original veneers may also need to do the same.


Ronald Konig DDS
Houston Dentist

A New Porcelain Veneer Can Be Matched To Existing Veneers

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Without question a porcelain veneer can be matched to your existing restorations by a new dentist.  This is not an easy task, but I always enjoy the challenge. By using great digital photography to capture your existing veneers and a fantastic lab technician the shade can be matched.  There are times when the restoration may need to go back to the lab a second time to get the perfect color match, but in the end it will be exactly what we want.  The dentist MUST use an elite ceramic lab technician to pull this off.  We have a wonderful relationship with our lab and I consider him one of the best in the business. Hope this helps.

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Veneers Can Be Matched

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I think that matching veneers is a talent that needs a dentist who is good with color and a great lab.  They can be new or experienced.  Some dentists like this challenge more than others - so ask.  Changing dentists is always an adjustment but if you have lost confidence, ask the new dental office to have your records transfered and go for it!  I am always sad when my patients leave but understand that I can not please everyone-

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Changing the dentist and matching the previous dental work

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In case when the patient is not willing to ask for the records and plans to change the doctor, the new dentist can easily ask for all the copies of the previous records and x-rays. Porcelain veneers do break sometimes and it is not a very difficult situation with good skills to redo the new veneer and match it with the size and color with remaining teeth. 

It is possible to do a new porcelain veneer to match the old ones

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It is possible to do a new porcelain veneer to match the old ones, however it may take a bit longer, and one or two extra visit.

As far as your records, just write to them that you like your records to be sent to you, They do not have to transfer your records to another dentist, they can give them to you. I personally  would love to know why a patient is leaving . Most of mine leave to another city or state, and If I do not know, we'll be spending time and money to reach them with no avail. So, do not feel bad telling them you are leaving and why. It is best for the dentist to know why, so they can improve their service or update records of inactive vs inactive patients. 

Good luck

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Yes it can be done

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As stated by the other dentists this can be done and can also be tricky.  I agree that the best way to find out what was done is to be up front with your dental office and ask for your records to be transferred, but if you are too uncomfortable to do that, if you know the name of the lab that made your veneers, they should have a record of the particulars of your case.  I hope that helps.

Martin Frankel, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Matching an existing veneer

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A veneer done by another dentist can be matched but it could be very challenging and difficult.  It may take extra time, multiple visits and you may notice a higher fee for it as well.  I know you said that you were  uncomfortable asking for your records but it would be best to know what type of material was used to make it easier to match. Call the dentist, speak to the front desk and tell them you are leaving and why.  It is good for everyone.  Unfortunately we have patients leave all the time for a variety of reasons.  Most dentists would want to know instead of them trying to contact you to get you back into the office.

Matching veneers is tricky

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If the question is "CAN" it be done, then yes.  However, it is often very challenging and may take extra effort, time and fee.  While knowing what kind of material was used (brand of porcelain), is very helpful, it is not vital.  You likely don't need to get your old chart from the old office, but the new office will need current xrays.  You may need to pay for those all over again.

Matching the shade of a single veneer.

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It is always unfortunate to hear when leaving one dental office for whatever reason.  As far as the technical production of a new veneer to match existing veneers, this is definitely possible, it might take a few tries to get the shade and textures right but with the help of a talented technician and good dental photography this can be accomplished. 

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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