Why Do You Have to Use a New Brush for Each Application on Each Eye with Latisse?

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Latisse Applicators: One per eye recommended by FDA

The pivotal Latisse trial used to approve the use of Bitamoprost topically for hypotrichosis utilized one applicator per eye. The FDA approved the use of this medication with this technique to evenly distribute the medication and prevent local infections through repetitive use. I usually tell my patients that once comfortable with the application technique they can use one applicator per application for both eyes.

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Applying Latisse

Allergan recommends using a new brush on each eyelash to prevent the spread of an infection.  It is an ultra-conservative recommendation, and most of my patients use a single brush for both eyelashes, assuming there is not sign of injection or "pink eye."  

Timothy G. Rodgers, MD, FAAD
Frisco Dermatologist
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Single use Latisse brushes not an issue with Revitalash

Latisse has no antibacterial in it, so to minimize the risk of contamination and infection, they encourage you to use different brushes for each eye.  Revitalash, their competitor, has an antibacterial so the risk is less.

Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD
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Latiesse Brushes

When the FDA approved Latisse they recommend that you use a disposable brush for each eyelid.  The reason for this is to prevent infection and contaminated Latisse product.   The product comes w/ 60 applicators for this reason.  If you were to use the same applicator for both eyes, you must not touch the sterile Latisse bottle to the used applicator. 


Dr. Grant Stevens


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Latisse and Brush Use

Dear Patient from Lousville,

It is not necessary to use a separate brush for each eye. My patients usually use one brush for the whole treatment and then in addition use it on their eyebrows if necessary for lash growth there as well. If done in this way, my patients often find that the bottle lasts over a month and the brushes last during this whole time as well. Good luck with you treatment.

Sincerely Yours,

Adam J. Scheiner, M.D.

Adam Scheiner, MD
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Why Do You Have to Use a New Brush for Each Application on Each Eye with Latisse?

Regarding: "Why Do You Have to Use a New Brush for Each Application on Each Eye with Latisse?"

Large companies must market to a junior High School education / intelligence and do everything to discourage frivolous lawsuits. By telling people to use different Latisse brushes, lawyers cannot rightfully claim their clients did not know better and carried an eye infection from one eyelid to another. You can do as you wish after you are fully educated.

Dr. Peter Aldea 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Single use Latisse brushes

I recommend using a fine disposable brush for each lid.  These can be purchased from a beauty shop.  The Allergan Latisse brush is too large and rough.  Fine liner disposable brushes reduce the amount of product per application and reduce the chance for product getting on the skin or into the eye.

Mary Catherine Fischer, MD
Chevy Chase Ophthalmologist

Brushes for Latisse

Latisse has been FDA-approved based on the instructions provided. I recommend patients use it as directed. I have seen patients use one brush at each application. I have also seen people purchase revitalash, because they like the applicator. They will then use the revitalash applicator to apply their Latisse. Again, these are not recommendations, but observations.

Relief Jones, III, MD
San Antonio Ophthalmologist
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New Brush for each Eye for Latisse

I tell my patients to use the same brush for both eyes when they apply Latisse as long as they see no signs of an eye infection. The company recommends using separate brushes to prevent the spread of infection but this will cause you to use up the product more quickly.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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