Possible to Get a Natural Looking Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had to have my nose done because of my deviated septum, but the doctor did nothing but make my fat nose look a little less fat. It's still very crooked and I was wondering that if I did it again, if it would look better? I want it more refined, is it possible without it looking completely fake?

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Natural results with REVISION rhinoplasty

Natural results are what plastic surgery is all about!  The best way to get natural results with a revision is to make sure there is a good plan in place to manage all of the issues that are causing you to have a revision in the first place.  Choose a board certified plastic surgeon who does a good number of revisions each year.  Make sure you like their results, and then realize that there is an increased revision rate with revision rhinoplasty.  Best of luck!

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Natural looking revision rhinoplasty

Revison rhinoplasty can be performed to possibly give you the result that you desire. You should go over your goals with your surgeon and figure out what is realistic.

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Natural Looking Revision Rhinoplasty

A good experienced


surgeon should certainly be able to improve the contours of your nose in a nice, natural manner. Most of us who have performed substantial amount of nasal

cosmetic surgery

strive to refine the nose and improve the contours to achieve natural results without having the nose appear artificial or “surgical.”

Sigmund L. Sattenspiel, MD
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Septoplasty vs Rhinoplasty

A septoplasty is surgery on the septum, which is the structure inside the nose between your nostrils. Most times, nasal appearance does not change after this operation. A rhinoplasty, which may or may not include a septoplasty, is done for cosmetic improvement. The primary goal of all rhinoplasty surgery is a natural result. Consult with a physician experienced in revision rhinoplasty.

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Rhinoplasty is different than septoplasty. Septoplasy corrects a deviated septum but does not change the cosmetic look of the nose.

If you desire a cosmetic improvement then you need to discuss that with a board certified experienced surgeon

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Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery may narrow your wide nose.

From the photo you provide, it seems like your tip and lower nose is a bit wide. You could certainly have these issues addressed by an experienced, board-certified Rhinoplasty specialist with many favorable photos.

The experience of your surgeon is critical, so choose your surgeon wisely.

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How to get a natural looking rhinoplasty result

The fact that your nose looks the same after deviated septum repair is not surprising. Deviated septum surgery (septoplasty) only addresses crookedness inside the nose and usually has no impact on the external nasal appearance. Rhinoplasty is surgery to change the external appearance of the nose. It can be done with or without septoplasty depending on whether or not a deviated septum is present.

You can certainly have a natural looking rhinoplasty result, if the surgery is performed well and your recovery is not complicated. The key in ensuring a natural result is maintenance of critical cartilage support in your nose. You should consult at least a couple of surgeons and review their surgical results to gain comfort and confidence in their ability. Computer imaging may also help you anticipate the surgical results.

Please review some of my surgical results in male patients in the link below.

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