Nasal Wing Reduction: Is it Possible?

I wanted to know if it's possible to reduce the prominence of nasal wings/ala? (Please see pic for the specific nose part) I'm not talking about reducing their width with an alar base reduction but rather diminishing their "vertical height" when you consider them from a profile view. Basically, my ala are sort of big/fleshy/vertically tall and I was curious if their height or prominence could be altered so they're as noticeable when you look at me from the side. Thank you.

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Nasal Wing Reduction: Is it Possible?

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This procedure requires extensive alar shaving which I call Alar Repositioning Technique. This is the only technique that allows reduction and repositioning of alae without a scar. With this technique the vertical height of the ala can also be reduced and no scar is formed.  Please see the before and after pictures in right upper hand corner of this page or the website.

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Reducing Nasal Alar(wing) fullness in rhinoplasty

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Reducing fullness  or "fleshy skin" of the nasal alar sidewall is actually a variation of alar base reduction. The incision that is made can be extended into the crease made with the face and the ala more on the sides of the nose, and fullness can be removed. The incision that is used usually is not noticeable as it hides in the natural crease. You might wish to look up an article I published on this subject: Kridel RWH and Castellano R: A Simplified Approach to Alar Base Reduction. Arch Fac Plas Surg. Jan-Feb, 2005.


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From the photo you posted it is clear what the area of concern is but without a photo of your nose itself it is impossible to say what could/should be done in your specific case. Usually what you describe is due to a longer than desireable tip to alar cheek crease distance. In that case the best option is to operate on the tip cartilages to decrease that distance.

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