Does Nasal Implant Like Goretex Cause Serious Diseases Such As Cancer After Years?

Im asian male planning to get a nosejob with goretex.

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Potential risks with synthetic implants, including Goretex and silicone

Goretex has not been linked to cancer, but it does potentially carry some risks when used as an implant in the nose.  It has a higher risk of infection, migration and extrusion than using tissue from your own nose (autologous grafts).  Due to these risks, autologous grafts provide a safer and more permanent solution than synthetic grafts during rhinoplasty.  

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Nasal Implants And Cancer

   Nasal implants have higher rates of infection than autologous tissue but have not been linked to cancer.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Gortex nasal implant

 Gore-Tex nasal implants do not cause cancer. Gore-tex implants have been used for vascular repairs for the decades without any problems. We do not recommend  Gore-tex nasal implants into the nose due to multiple infections we have seen in  patient's from other offices

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Don't worry.

Do not worry about it. Goretex implants do not cause cancer or serious diseases (scientifically proven and reported). The most usual problems associated with goretex nasal implants are extrusion and/or displacement.

Your board certified plastic surgeon can inform you about these potential side-effects, and other available options (f.e. rib graft, conchal/septum cartilage grafts, composite fascia-diced cartilage grafts, fat grafts,...)

Good luck!

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Nasal Implant Like gortex is safe


Dear Mylife21, No need to worry Gortex is completely safe and does not cause diseases. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Gortex nasal implant

A gortex nasal implant is inert and does not cause any serious diseases.  I would not worry.

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