13 Months After Rhinoplasty and my Tip is Swollen and Big? (photo)

Hey After years of teasing about my nose I finally had a rhinoplasty 13 months a go to remove the hump. Whilst I'm happy with my profile, front on my nose tip looks bulbous and makes my nose look longer than it was before. Whilst I'm happy that my bump has gone, I'm so upset with how my tip looks. Is this swelling? Or do I need revised surgery. I'm gutted to still be unhappy over a year on, especially when it's for something that was fine before surgery :-( Please help x

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Swelling in Primary Rhinoplasty

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This is probably your final result from a primary rhinoplasty.  If you are not happy at this point, it's time for a discussion with your surgeon about revision.  

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Tip Big and Swollen after Rhinoplasty

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     If you had the dorsal hump removed, did you also have tip work done?  A preop photo would help in this case.  Subtle tip refinement could be considered.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Swollen Tip 13 Monjths after Rhinoplasty

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Although we frequently say that a patient must wait a year to see the final result, in some individuals with thick skin it may take 12-18 months. Admittedly I'm making an internet diagnosis but you may need a revision of your tip in the future.

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13 Months After Rhinoplasty and my Tip is Swollen and Big? (photo)

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Yes you need tip revision to improve the result. And you have waited long enough for FULL healing of the primary operation. 

You may need to have revision

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It is unusual to have swelling one year after surgery. Your before picture would have been helpful. You would be a good candidate for tip rhinoplasty.

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13 months post rhinoplasty tip swelling

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Does the tip feel firm? Was your tip operated on during surgery? If it some residual swelling the an injection of Kenalog 40 (high concentration) might shrink it. Go and see your surgeon.


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