My Skin is Burning/stinging Only a Week into my Accutance Course?

My skin is burning/stinging only a week into my accutance course. Im on 20mg a day. There is a slight pinkish tone to my face across the nose and cheeks but i feel this is unrelated an may have been there anyway. This is my second course of accutane and i experienced nothing like this first time round. It happens randomly throughout the day and there is no specific trigger. I was worried it may be accutane induced rosacea but im skeptical ?

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Burning/stinging skin on Accutane

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Depending on the months of your first round of Accutane, now that you're taking it in the summer months and it's hotter, you could experience more dryness, which can result in burning or stinging. Apply a bit of cool water and some hydrocortisone (available over the counter at any pharmacy for a few dollars). Apply this a few times a day and it will help tremendously. Also, make sure you wear a good sunscreen every single day.

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