My Septum Cartilage Appears to Be Exposed Within my Nose Following Septoplasty (One Week Ago). Is This Normal?

My healing process seems generally in line with the usual experience. However last night I took a peak into my right nostril and noticed a white circle the size of an eraser butt-end about an inch and a half into my nasal cavity. I understand this is where the incision is usually performed during septoplasty - so I'm not sure if I should have a cause for concern. I did however notice a stitch fell out around the 5-day mark. There is no excessive bleeding.

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It is probably not a good idea for you to be manipulating your nose 1 week after surgery. I would recommend you go see your surgeon and voice you concerns regarding the septum and exposure.

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Concerns about healing after septoplasty

It's difficult to assess exactly what is going on from your description.  It's possible that what you're seeing is not actually exposed cartilage, but some other phase of healing tissue.  I would recommend visiting your surgeon for an exam.  During reconstructive surgery, the mucosa (skin over the cartilage inside the nose) is often used as a flap (nasoseptal flap), and the raw cartilage is intentionally left exposed.  In these cases, the septal mucosa re-grows over the cartilage without a problem.  So, the good news is that even if this is exposed cartilage, chances are that it will heal just fine anyway.

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