Will my scars after otoplasty heal? (photo)

Hi, I had otoplasty 6 months ago and I happen to still have some red swollen scars and it is very embarrassing. My doctor said they will heal but I kind of doubt it. Will they heal? I'm so scared.

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Otoplasty Scars

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Scars from otoplasty or ear pinning are usually hidden in the sulcus behind the ear and very difficult to see. Scar hypertrophy may require treatment by your physician so follow up with him to see if this is a concern.

San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

Otoplasty scars

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Most all scars take 1 year to fade from red to white, and occasionally they do not fade. This is an area where a wide, red, raised scar might be amenable to a scar revision or steroid injections.

Jeff Scott, MD
Everett Plastic Surgeon

Will my scars after otoplasty heal?

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Hello Jesusc1,
New scars are always red for a while, but in your case the redness is apparently lasting longer than usual. Experience shows that the scar will fade in the course of time and will then be no longer as visually perceptible as it is now. With the traditional method, with which you were operated on, a scar at the place where the ear is cut open is unavoidable. Fortunately, there is now the stitch method, where there is no longer any cutting and such scars are thus not possible anymore. With this new minimally invasive method, the only wounds are the needle stitch points and the 2 to 3 tiny, roughly 2-3 mm long stab incisions on the back of the ear that don’t leave behind any visible scars.

Waldemar Merck, MD
Germany Plastic Surgeon

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