I'm 17 yrs old. Is my Nose Too Big for my Face? (photo)

I believe my nose is just too big for my face. I'm still young,(17) but I don't think me growing up is going to change my nose, I also can only breathe well out of one nostril as well. If were to have rhinoplasty, what do you suggest I do to make it fit my face properly?

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Nasal "size" is both size and proportion

Everyone has a certain amount of nasal skin--it's like height or eye color. You have many nice aspects to your nose--your bridge is straight, you are symmetrical, you tip shape is nice.

If by "too big" you mean that your nose seems to sick out too far on profile, that is a balance problem more that it is a size problem.  Your apparent tip projection can be reduced by reducing the bridge SLIGHTLY and adding a sliver of cartilage at the top of the bridge--by making the bridge line a tiny bit longer, your nose will seem to project less.


This is technically harder than it sounds.  Your surgeon must be aware of the effect of rhinoplasty on the airway so that you will breathe better even f your nose is smaller or reshaped.  Find someone whom you trust and who can show you cases similar to yours with results that you like.  Good luck!

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Possible Rhinoplasty Surgery

Based on the two photos provided, I would recommend you consider reshaping the nasal tip to lengthen it a little bit. You might also want to consider reshaping the nasal bridge at the same time. Without an examination of your nose, I cannot make any other specific recommendations at this time. Good luck with your decision.

John M. Hilinski, MD
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Nasal issues

I think that if you go for a rhinoplasty consult, you ahve to be very specific about what bothers you.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Nose Not Too Big For Face

   I would say that your nose is not too big for your face.  The face is divided into thirds and your middle third is not deficient and neither is the length of your nose.  If there are other specific things that bother you about the nose, find the board certified plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performds hundreds of rhinoplasties each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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