Kenalog injections post-rhinoplasty: how long until they work?

I had my rhinoplasty 7 months ago and 4 days ago i had 2 shots of kenalog, one on the left side of my nose and one on the tip to reduce the swelling of a 'polly break' I have a few questions. 1) How good are kenlog steroids at desloving bulky hard scar tissue on the tip 7 months down the line? 2) Its been 4 days, and ive seen no differance, is this normal? How long till they take effect? 3) If i keep touching my nose, will this move the fluid into a differant place and not be effective?

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Kenalog to post rhinoplasty patient

Kenalog works over a 2 month time period, but can be repeated every month. It is important to use the stronger dose of 40mg/cc

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Kenalog injections post-rhinoplasty: how long until they work?

Kenalog does take some time. I suspect you will start to see some difference between 2-4 weeks. Some patients need multiple injections. I suggest following up with the surgeon who did the injections in another 3 weeks or so.

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