Am I a Canadate for Invisalign with my Missing Tooth? (photo)

I have a missing tooth but im getting a implant for my top front November 28 . My greatest fear is getting invisalign or braces and having a missing tooth (not a good look and i have a Reputation with the ladies ) Is there way for me to get a single inplant and still get Invisalign .

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You Can do Invisalign With a Missing Tooth

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Krank5, You can absolutely still do either braces or Invisalign with a missing tooth.  We generally fill in the missing tooth with either tooth-colored material for Invislaign or a fake tooth with braces.  Talk with your orthodontist about it and I'm sure you can get it done.  Good luck!

Irvine Orthodontist

Invisalign with missing teeth

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Yes, it is possible to have Invisalign with missing teeth or implant replaced teeth. It really mostly depends on what and where teeth need to be moved. I would seek care from a dentist and have it evaluated

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Invisalign with Dental Implant and missing tooth

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You can certainly do this - the teeth are moved first and the missing tooth is filled in with each invisalign tray so it doesn't appear to be missing as long as your trays are in.  The implant should be placed once the teeth are aligned and the missing tooth is still filled in while you are waiting for the implant to heal while wearing retainers.  You shouldn't miss out on anything...

Carlo Biasucci, DDS
Ontario Dentist

With careful planning, Invisalign and Dental Implants can be done together.

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While Invisalign and your dental implant can be done together, my advice would be to have your dental implant placement prior to your impressions for your Invisalign aligner trays to be fabricated. With adequate density of bone around your dental implant, a temporary crown might be able to be fabricated and stabilized with your aligner trays. If not, your dentist may be able to have a temporary tooth fill in on the trays so you can get a better look with the ladies and keep your reputation intact :))

Yes you can get INVISALIGN and DENTAL IMPLANTS at same time.

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We have a couple patients who are in the process of having implants done while they are also having INVISALIGN to straighten their teeth. The Invisalign tray can be used to either protect the area that the implant is being placed until it is ready for the crown to be done. In addition, if it is an esthetic concern, the dentist or ALIGN can actually ADD a fake tooth into the INVISALIGN aligner tray to look like a tooth while you are getting the teeth straightened.

Randall LaFrom, DDS
San Jose Dentist

Invisalign With a Missing Front Tooth

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Yes, you can be a candidate for Invisalign. Your teeth should be moved PRIOR to placement of the implant. Invisalign can be done with a false tooth built into it, so that you will appear to have that tooth while you are wearing the Invisalign. AFTER your other teeth are moved to their final position, then get the implant placed, so that it will be in the proper position in relation to your other teeth. The ladies will LOVE you!

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Missing tooth.. can we do invisalign orthodontics?

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Invisalign orthodontics is used to re-align teeth.  Sometimes when a space exists, Invisalign braces may be used to close that space. However, in your case, where a central tooth is missing Invisalign should only be used to idealize that space and create an ideal environment for the tooth replacement, not to close the space created by loosing the tooth.  You should be exploring the replacement options for the missing tooth which include a dental implant crown, or a fixed bridge.


Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Implants and Invisalign

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Indeed, it is possible to get Invisalign after an Implant. 

Just make sure that the doctor that is doing the Invisalign is aware that you will be getting the implant, as once the implant is in place it can not be moved like your other teeth.  So its important to have the implant placed in the proper position,  (where you want it after the nvisalign).


Steve Alper, DMD
New York Dentist

Invisalign treatment with missing teeth

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Yes, it is possible to have Invisalign with missing teeth or implant replaced teeth. It really mostly depends on what and where teeth need to be moved.

Tanya Vaysman, DMD
New York Orthodontist

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