What is the Cost of Dental Veneers on One's Upper Front Teeth?

I am wanting to get veneers to cover a gap beteween my two front teeth, I do wish to have my whole mouth done, just enough to "correct" the gap. I am active duty military and learned today that Tricare absolutely will not cover any costs of "cosmetic dentistry". I do have a consultation with a dentist but am starting to worry that I will not be able to afford his prices and I do not wish to waste his time if this is the case. So I guess my questioin is how pricey are dental veneers?

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Here is a link to the average price other community members have paid for Porcelain Veneers. The link should target your location automatically.


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Veneers in Mexico

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Hello, our cost for porcelain veneers, as well as porcelain crowns is $450 US each, and we can make them for you in 5 days here in Cancun, Mexico. In fact we just need a complete week for a complete smile makeover. Thank you.

Veneer Cost India

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In New Delhi, India at our practice each veneer cost US$200. However, the gap between your teeth maybe too much to be closed with veneers. I would recommend orthodontic treatment as a more conservative and stable treatment alternative.

Prashant Nanda, MDS
India Dentist

Prices vary.

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Hi there.  To answer your question, fees for veneers vary greatly.  In New York City the average is $1500~2000 each.


Unfortunately, the gap between your two front teeth is too wide for closing with veneers.  But the good news is that you could close them with orthodontics (Braces). And if you were closing the gap because of an issue other than cosmetics, like the gap makes it difficult to eat with your front teeth, or difficult to make some sounds when you talk; Then Tricare or another insurance is more likely to cover. 

Hope this helps.  

Dr. Alper


Steve Alper, DMD
New York Dentist

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